Welcome to the Dardee Bookkeeping Solutions blog. I feel it’s very important to include a blog on the Dardee Bookkeeping Solutions website because it will help me to communicate information that comes up on a day to day basis in my own business. Helping clients to achieve their best financial position often raises issues that to me, might be basic, but to them, are of huge significance. Simplifying things such as filing, record keeping, cash flow and time critical tasks is just a part of what I do and I hope to articulate those elements in this blog.

One of the aspects of Dardee Bookkeeping Solutions that I’m most proud of is our 100% Care Factor. We truly do care about our clients’ businesses and how efficiently their bookkeeping is maintained. We care about their business’s success and longevity and we care about making life easier for them.

At Dardee Bookkeeping Solutions, we specialise in working ‘in the cloud’ and you’ll read a lot more about that as this blog evolves. No longer do businesses have to be tied to a desk in an office. Today, even bookkeeping and calendars can be managed online, without having to be seated at one particular computer. Wherever you are, if you have access to the Internet, even via smartphone or iPad, you can access your diary, your financial accounts, your work schedule and all your documents.

Thanks to the ever growing range of online-based solutions, even though we’re a Sydney bookkeeping company, we can offer our services to you wherever you are in Australia. We work remotely and can access your information – with your permission, of course – any time you need us to.

Drop in to the blog regularly so that you can read what we’re up to, our opinions on business matters, great ideas for procedures and lots of other goodness that we look forward to bringing you.